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We welcome parents/guardians, students, employees and community members from all over Round Rock ISD to get involved in advocating for our priorities. See below for ways you can help!

Whether you have just a little time to give or want to make a larger contribution to efforts in one of our issue areas, please complete our volunteer form so we can match your interests, talents and availability to our needs.

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In this age of increasing mis- and dis-information, growing a diverse community of trustworthy advocates through face-to-face conversations and personal relationships has never been more important. Get to know the people of Access RRISD better by following us on social media and attending our in-person and online events. When you are comfortable – share with and invite your friends! FacebookInstagramTwitter

Make a one-time or recurring donation! As an all-volunteer organization, 100% of donations to Access Education RRISD go directly to supporting local outreach and advocacy.