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Over a hundred parents and community members across multiple RRISD vertical learning communities have come together to participate in Access Education RRISD’s inception. We represent AAPI, Black, Hispanic/Latinx, and White communities. We are members of different religions. We are allies for the LGBTQIA2S+ community. We are immigrants. We have children with special needs. We are active members of our school PTAs. These are examples of our differences; what we share is a deep common commitment to wanting to see this district succeed, because this is how our children will succeed.  


President: Krista Laine

Since her two children began kindergarten in Round Rock ISD 8 years ago, Krista has logged thousands of volunteer hours organizing academic clubs and STEM enrichment programs for students such as Robotics, Chess Club, and a variety of math clubs. Currently President of Canyon Vista Middle School STEM Parent Association, she works to expand student-driven extracurricular STEM programs that emphasize peer mentoring and outreach. In addition, Krista served two years as a RRISD TAGPAC representative, has volunteered with PTA throughout her children’s years in RRISD, and currently serves on her campus Site-Based Committee.

Krista values neighborhood schools that support the whole child and ensure growth, challenge, and a strong foundation for future success. She believes schools should meet each child where they are. She values the professionalism of educators and recognizes their need for better support and pay, particularly given the unprecedented challenges of a years-long pandemic. Krista believes that improving student outcomes is paramount and that doing so will require innovation and data-driven decision-making with targeted programming, not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. Krista seeks meaningful communication between district leaders and students, teachers, and families because it is essential for more effective decision-making.

Before taking time off to focus on her family and the schools, Krista was a Vice President at a commercial real estate services company. She has a BA from Columbia University, graduating magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa.

Treasurer: Meghna Roy

Meghna is a parent of 2 children in Round Rock ISD and has been a member of PTA since 2015. As an immigrant, Meghna wanted to understand the US school system more closely and evaluated many school districts and private schools in and around Austin before her family settled on RRISD based on its socio-economic diversity, racial distribution, academics and extracurriculars. 

Meghna believes in the right to Free and Accessible Public Education (FAPE), which is guaranteed to all children in the United States. She trusts and values the expertise of career professionals like teachers, librarians, support staff and administrators who work tirelessly across the US to bring meaningful and quality education to our children. That naturally leads to her strong faith in the public education system. While it’s not perfect, she sees the American public education system as the backbone of an educated and well-informed community of tomorrow. 

Meghna seeks to contribute towards improving public education by supporting educators, policies and local candidates that have student outcome, community welfare and equity as their primary focus. She is an active participant and sponsor of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives in her community and professional settings with strong commitment towards equal opportunity for all.

An engineer by training and an alum of McCombs School of Business at UT Austin, Meghna currently works as an executive in the technology sector.

Secretary: Anshu Dasgupta

Anshu is the parent of two children at Round Rock ISD. He is a proponent of science-based policies, diversity, and equity in schools. While recent events including the COVID pandemic have reiterated the importance of school boards in implementing these policies, Anshu supports organizations that can provide a sustainable framework for progressive, science-based policies that can adapt to the needs of students, teachers, parents and staff. As Travis and Williamson counties continue to become more diverse, Anshu believes that the work of Access Education and allied organizations will be critical in ensuring that the school board addresses the evolving needs of RRISD.

Anshu is a computer scientist and works in the technology industry in Austin.

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