Our Work

We believe that every child has the right to a safe, high-quality, educational experience in Round Rock ISD, and are working to remove barriers that interfere with this opportunity. We believe in the power of a strong community voice, and in centering the experience of students and families in our priorities. We believe in advocating for solutions, working in collaboration with District administration, and in keeping a constructive outlook as we call for change. 

We are firmly committed to data-driven decision making and fact-based discourse. We do not endorse any form of bullying, harassment, or disrespect. We will not disparage any communities or individuals, no matter how firmly we disagree with them. 

Our priorities

Foremost is the idea of equity. We will hold the District and school board accountable to ensure that Round Rock ISD’s decision-making and strategic plan delivers solutions that recognize and embrace diversity, and address inequities effectively. 

We will work to create more frequent and effective means of gathering broad community input to ensure district leadership is aware of issues currently facing Round Rock ISD’s children and families. 

We will work towards ensuring an effective and functioning school board that places the interests of Round Rock ISD students above political aspirations.

Our work

Our first volunteers connected in the summer of 2021, organizing to bring together voices from diverse communities around the district and hosting interactive events with community leaders and volunteers. This coalition has since rallied around efforts to increase teacher and staff pay, maintain our free and open libraries, support virtual school and inclusive health and safety protocols, change the District’s dress code so that it is more equitable and fair, ensure that student holidays reflect the diversity of Round Rock ISD, and more.

In the fall of 2022, following a community-driven endorsement process, our volunteer network of over 200 concerned parents and community members united behind five candidates for the Round Rock ISD Board of Trustees. Our anti-public-education opponents spent tens of thousands of dollars more, but our all-volunteer efforts helped our five endorsed candidates sweep the election…by a lot

This year we were a regular presence at the state Capitol, fighting the same forces that backed the attempted takeover of our school board, as they continue to operate in the Texas Legislature and our state agencies.

We are currently preparing for the November 2023 election, which could lower our tax rate while increasing available funds for Round Rock ISD’s teachers and students, helping us to work around some of the financial damage the state government inflicted on public schools this year.

And we have already begun preparing for our 2024 school-board election, knowing what it means for students, our schools and our communities – and what it takes to fight for them successfully, together.

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