Board of Trustees to vote on second Bone/Weston censure resolution. Show your support!

This evening will mark the second time in less than a year that formal censure of Trustees Mary Bone and Danielle Weston are up for discussion by Round Rock ISD’s Board of Trustees. Tonight’s censure resolution relates to the two Trustees breaking quorum at the June 16th board meeting this year. That meeting was the last regular board meeting prior to the District’s July break, with approval of the budget as the leading item to be acted upon by consent on the agenda. Without approval of the budget, the District would be unable to pay teachers and staff in July. According to the resolution (and as can be readily confirmed in the video recording of the meeting), during public comment Trustees Bone and Weston walked out of the meeting, leaving only Board President Feller, Trustee Harrison and Trustee Vessa in physical attendance. Board rules require at least 4 Trustees to be physically present in order to have quorum for voting. In the absence of quorum, President Feller called a recess and made arrangements for Trustee Weir, who had been in attendance virtually due to COVID to attend the meeting with COVID safety precautions in place. With quorum re-established, the budget was approved and the District was duly authorized to pay teachers and staff in July. Should the censure resolution pass, Trustees Bone and Weston will be disqualified from filling board officer positions, and will be

“directed to timely respond to board member calendar invites via the method the presiding officer or the Board’s Executive Assistant requests and attend all meetings unless attendance is not possible due to extenuating circumstances, and prior notice has been conveyed to the Board President regarding every
board meeting”

Access RRISD community members are encouraged to contact the Board, attend the Board meeting, and/or sign up to speak at tonight’s meeting. The Board needs our support in taking this action to ensure productive board meetings and continued smooth functioning of District operations.