Access stands with the Harrison campaign; condemns harassment.

This weekend, Access Education RRISD learned that illegal, biohazardous packages were mailed to Trustee Harrison, a supporter, and another individual. The news comes from Trustee Harrison’s campaign manager, Jaquita Wilson-Kirby, via Facebook Live. [Trigger warning: threats and gross content; a captioned version of the video is here.] Wilson-Kirby says that law enforcement is taking the incidents seriously.

The Harrison for Place 6 campaign and Access make the following requests of all supporters:

  • Start watching your mail.
  • Don’t open any suspicious-looking packages.
  • Don’t open any packages without a return address.
  • If you receive anything suspicious:
    • Immediately follow steps to Report Suspicious Mail to the US Postal Inspector.
    • Call local police and file a report.
    • Tell the campaign that you received something suspicious and let them know whether you were able to file a police report, so they can make sure that the incident is properly documented.

Public health guidance recommends exercising discretion when sharing information about incidents such as these in public spaces in order to prevent copycats. We do feel it is important for our community and the media to shine a light on this incident, and ask that when sharing/reporting you:

  • avoid repeating detailed descriptions of the acts themselves.
  • avoid sensational language; stick to the facts.
  • avoid conjecture about the possible motivations of the individual(s) responsible.

Access Education RRISD stands with the Harrison campaign. We strongly condemn all forms of harassment, and the grotesque and terroristic nature of this illegal act is especially repugnant. 

We urge the US Postal Inspector, local law enforcement and the Board of Trustees as the electing body to take any and all action to fully investigate, escalate, and prosecute this matter in order to keep Trustee Harrison, her campaign, and her supporters safe.

And we call on all Round Rock ISD Trustees, public officials, and community members to come together in support of Trustee Harrison’s right to campaign free from harassment and intimidation.

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