Aug 17th – RRISD Regular Board Mtg Recap

This Board Meeting recap is a brief summary provided by Access RRISD volunteer scribes in order to help the RRISD community stay informed. It is not an official meeting record. Please refer to the official meeting video and transcript provided by Round Rock ISD if you require clarification or additional context.


  • Weir moves that for every agenda item each trustee has 45 seconds per question and two minutes at the end of each agenda item. Motion carries 5-2 (Bone & Weston opposed.)
  • Weir moves that the board approve items H1 through 14 by consent. Motion carries 5-0-2 (Bone & Weston abstained.)
  • Weir moves that Trustee Markum be the legislative representative to the TASB conference and Trustee Zárate be the alternate. Motion carries 5-2. (Bone & Weston opposed.)
  • Harrison moves to approve the third quarter board self-evaluation. Motion carries 7-0.
  • Weir moves that closed session items be limited to 10 minutes of discussion. Motion carries 5-2. (Bone & Weston opposed.)
  • Bone moves that in response to federal judge David Ezra’s order (dated July 26th, 2023) which implicates and embroils Amy Weir as an individual not in her official capacity, and who at the time was a Texas bar licensed attorney, including 1st and 4th amendment plus violation of Texas Open Meetings Act, also due to a utilization of public funds to pay for individual representation without board approval, and due to these actions the board believes, Amy Weir cannot place the best interests of the district and students above her individual issues, that the board formally add an agenda item to formally request that Amy Weir resigns from her place on the Round Rock ISD Board of Trustees and pay back all public funds expended on the federal case for her individual benefit. Motion fails 2-4. Camera on Landrum only).


  • none noted


  • Trustees present: Zárate, Markum, Weston, Landrum, Harrison, Weir, Bone
  • Bone insinuates that Weir’s motion limiting question time is happening because others on the board are doing work outside of meetings and have already made their decisions when meetings begin.
  • Weston referred to Weir’s motion limiting question time as “official oppression” and “abuse of power” and ostracization of her and Dr. Bone. She then made up a Robert’s Rules rule to support her argument.
  • Members of the Junior Committee of an organization called Team Brock spoke about the organization regarding childhood cancer.
  • Many members of Stony Point community spoke passionately about the need for a larger space for lunch that should be guaranteed to them from the 2018 bond.
  • Moms for Liberty (and co-conspirators) read passages from books that can be found in our upper-level schools that contain references to or descriptions of sex or sexual touching. They began with a warning that children should leave the room, then read these passages they deemed as porn, ignoring any and all context. They also made some anti-trans statements.
  • Multiple community members spoke out in support of leaving the decision about books in schools to the educators for various reasons and gave more context to some books being read by M4L.
  • There was also support for the VATRE.
  • Instructional Priorities
    • Early Literacy, Advanced Math, Sense of Belonging, CCMR (College, Career, & Military Readiness)
    • Sense of Belonging written into every campus improvement plan and in district improvement plan as well
    • Early Literacy based around science of reading
    • DDI = data-driven instruction
    • AGE = Achievement, Growth, Equity
    • Ecodis was primary driver, not race
    • engage2Learn presentation on strategic planning
      • Some concerns from Weston & Bone about the cost and need
      • Cost is $88,000
      • Last strategic plan was 2014, district tried to update in 2018 in-house and recognized a need for a professional consultant to help create the new plan
  • 2024-2025 proposed calendar
    • Community survey open August 18-25
    • Board will vote in the September regular meeting
  • Board Self-Evaluation has no change
  • Board is looking for ways to include trustees in closed session virtually
  • District received multiple state-wide arts awards from various campuses
  • Vision & Values Two-Way Communication forum- Thursday 9/7 6:30pm Ridgeview MS Cafeteria, Monday 9/11 6:30pm Virtual, Tuesday 9/19 6:30pm Pearson Ranch MS
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