August 21st – RRISD Public Hearing Recap

This Board Meeting recap is a brief summary provided by Access RRISD volunteer scribes in order to help the RRISD community stay informed. It is not an official meeting record. Please refer to the official meeting video and transcript provided by Round Rock ISD if you require clarification or additional context.


  • Weston moves to reopen item E1 based on the concerns that a public speaker brought to public comments, it will be confined to her concerns. Motion carries 4-3 (Zárate, Markum, & Harrison opposed).


  • Multiple references by Bone (and Weston) referring to this VATRE as “holding teacher’s salaries hostage”


  • Trustees present: Zárate, Markum, Weston, Landrum, Harrison, Weir, Bone
  • 8:30-10:20 for a good breakdown of VATRE and immediately after to hear from a former RRISD teacher (resigned last year)
    • Add 3 golden pennies
    • will reduce Recapture by $70 million
    • Total tax levy will decrease
    • Early voting starts October 23rd, locations not yet known
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