Trustees decide fate of RRISD Superintendent tonight.

On an evening when most parents and community members are unlikely to be paying attention (having just returned from Spring break), the RRISD Board of Trustees will vote whether to reinstate, dismiss with compensation, or fire without compensation its duly selected Superintendent, Dr. Hafedeh Azaiez. Access Education RRISD wrote the following in a letter to its supporters this morning, urging them to attend the meeting and contact the Board of Trustees:

Earlier this month, by a 4-2-1 vote, the Board of Trustees declined to approve a Superintendent Separation Agreement with Dr. Azaiez.
It appears that:
Trustees Bone and Weston wanted Dr. Azaiez fired without compensation.
Trustees Harrison and Xiao wanted Dr. Azaiez reinstated.
Trustees Vessa and Weir wanted to offer Dr. Azaiez the option to resign in accordance with the terms of his contract.
Trustee Feller abstained.
There is no evidence that Dr. Azaiez has committed a crime, but the Board remains under pressure from the TEA and Dr. Azaiez’s opponents to remove our Superintendent TODAY at 5:30 PM.

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