Sept 14th – RRISD Called Board Meeting Recap

This Board Meeting recap is a brief summary provided by Access RRISD volunteer scribes in order to help the RRISD community stay informed. It is not an official meeting record. Please refer to the official meeting video and transcript provided by Round Rock ISD if you require clarification or additional context.


  • Bone moves that the board direct the superintendent to create an appropriate scope of investigation or retain an outside organization to perform an investigation regarding the parent complaint regarding concerns [unintelligible] violations, environment of fear and retaliation, FAC concerns, email retractions, and incomplete open record concerns, and create a report that will be shared with the administration to determine any corrective action needed. Motion fails 2-5 (Zárate, Markum, Landrum, Harrison, and Weir opposed).
  • Harrison moves that the board take no further action at this time. Motion passes 5-2 (Bone & Weston opposed).
  • Weir moves to limit Item G3 to 35 minutes. Motion passes 5-2 (Bone & Weston opposed).
  • Weston moves that per Round Rock ISD Board Operating Procedures adopted on September 15th, 2022 under section titled Conduct During Board Meetings in subsection G1c that the board formally remove Trustee Amy Weir from all board appointed positions, recommend that she attend ethics and anger management training in the next 60 days and the board issue a formal, verbal reprimand to Amy Weir for the following 7 violations:
    • 1) violation of the code of conduct “using profanity or vulgar language” from the dais “what a b-i-t-c-h”, I will not say the word, during a break at the August 17th, 2023 board meeting.
    • 2) violation of BBF local “I will share my views while working for consensus”
    • 3) violation of BBF local “I will refuse to surrender judgement to any individual or group at the expense of the district as a whole”
    • 4) violation of BBF local “I will be fair, just, and impartial in all my decisions and actions. I will afford others the respect I wish for myself. I will encourage expressions of different opinions and listen with an open mind to others’ ideas”
    • 5) violation of BBB local “individual board members shall channel legal inquiries through the superintendent, board president, or board’s designee as appropriate when seeking advice or information from district’s general and/or outside counsel”
    • 6) for performing an investigation regarding another trustee without board approval that resulted in incurred expense of tax payer dollars without any benefit to the district but only for the personal benefit of Trustee Amy Weir
    • 7) and for her email response to Trustee Mary Bone dated August 21st, 2023 which reads, and I will read this email into the record, “Trustee Bone…as physical health.” Motion fails 2–4-1 (Zárate, Markum, Landrum, and Harrison opposed, Weir abstained).


  • “An investigation, is actually, in my opinion, always open. It’s always a good thing. It’s not- It should not be viewed as a negative thing.” (Bone)


  • Trustees present: Weir, Zárate, Weston, Landrum, Harrison, Markum, Bone
  • Presentation by Dr. Nichols regarding updates to STAAR & district rating
    • Lagging identifiers were an issue with our rating because there was nothing we could do to improve them
    • Same score on new, harder test means we’re actually improving
    • Title I and elementary campuses will be disproportionately impacted
    • High school campuses will be disproportionately impacted regarding CCMR
    • Changes already planned for how to address new challenges
  • Clarification from Chief Weiner on G2 in open session